Other projects
Environmental Monitor IMD-01

The monochrome dynamic informer IDM-1 is designed to display textual information about the current time, ambient temperature and the level of radiation background to the general public. The informer can also be used to display graphic images and textual information in the form of a "creeping line".

Dental photopolymerizer

The photopolymerizer is designed for curing light-sensitive filling materials used in dentistry. The device is built on the basis of a high power light emitting diode (LED technology) and has high performance characteristics.

Laboratory model LM51

The LM51 laboratory layout is designed to teach students how to create programs for single-chip microcontrollers of the MCS51 series. The layout can be used for practical exercises and laboratory work in the process of teaching a number of academic disciplines, such as "Microprocessor technology", "System programming", "Design of automated control systems" and others.

Digital Processor Model MDP-8/8

The eight-digit training model of a digital processor is intended for use as a visual aid and a laboratory model in the process of teaching the basics of microprocessor technology for students of technical universities with a computer specialization. The model is built on chips with a low degree of integration and can execute commands for data transfer, logical and arithmetic operations, conditional and unconditional jumps.

Advertising and information device Globus

Advertising and information device "Globus" is designed to display pre-prepared textual information in the form of a moving luminous volumetric text line. This is a small device that can be used in offices, lobbies, for exhibition displays, etc.

Soldering Station

The IEC-SS03 station is a low-frequency power supply for soldering irons with an operating voltage of up to 24 V, provides complete galvanic isolation and the absence of high-frequency interference. It has a microprocessor control system and a user-friendly control interface.

High voltage connector

Developed on the basis of the SR-50 high-frequency coaxial connector and can be used for switching high-voltage circuits with voltage up to 5 kV. It is intended for use as a part of high-voltage devices and laboratory equipment.

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